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Students learn a great deal in their orchestra classes -

Students learn a great deal in their orchestra classes -

                                            so why bother with private lessons?

Eve Warner, NCTM     Senior String Faculty, Indian Spring Academy of Music     String Specialist - Royal College of Examiners

This is true, orchestra classes are great! Students get to hang out with the coolest kids in school, play great music, and many even go on trips. Orchestra is a wonderful social environment for students, and many are quite content attending class and learning from their orchestra director in this group setting. So why do so many choose to take private lessons outside of school?In many school orchestra programs, there is a hierarchy of performance groups, and students who are more proficient on their instruments play in the more elite ones. This does not mean that if one does not take private lessons they will not be able to play, but they may not be able to compete for spots in the top orchestras with those who do take private lessons. Private lessons provide students ....       

1 - the ability to progress at their own pace, which may be slower or faster than they are progressing in their school orchestra       

2 - the opportunity to work in greater technical detail and permits teachers to successfully craft their method for each individual student       

3 - the opportunity to learn great solo and chamber literature which they may never experience in orchestra class       

4 - the opportunity to perform as a soloist in their teacher's studio recitals. Many private studio teachers offer solo recitals for students to perform in If a student’s goal is to be able to perform in the advanced orchestra, or to audition for a local youth orchestra, or to just learn at a faster pace than in class, then private lessons should be considered.

Once started, however, students must commit to a solid at-home practice routine in order to truly benefit from the private lesson experience. Enroll NOW!    513-779-7070

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