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The Benefits of Music Education: An Overview of Current Neuroscience Research colleagues and faculty members: Today The RCM is releasing its white paper “The Benefits of Music Education: An Overview of Current Neuroscience Research,” which highlights studies that demonstrate music education is a powerful tool for attaining children’s full intellectual, social and creative potential. The paper is being distributed broadly across Canada and also into the U.S. to music teachers, parents and students, public school music specialists, RCM Examination Centre representatives, early childhood educators, our Board, donors and sponsors, industry partners, pediatricians, government officials, media (see the following news release), and others.  You can find the white paper on The RCM website (click here ), and printed copies are being distributed to staff in The Conservatory building this morning.  We hope you will share it with family and friends.  If you would like printed quantities for sharing with students, parents, teachers, etc., please see Rebecca or Jeff in the communications office (room 404) or email them at or . Finally, thanks to all of the contributors of ideas, content, and feedback for this paper.  A special shout-out to Dr. Sean Hutchins and Shaun Elder! Nadine

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